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7th Nano-Satellite Symposium

Thermal Analysis for a Langmuir Probe to be used in a Re-entry CubeSat Mission NSS-07-0303 Full Paper PRESENTATION
Angel Bernal Menendez Cifuentes
Space Science Program Around Communication Engineering with High AChieving Undergraduate Cadres (SPACE HAUC): UMass Lowell's Cubesat mission NSS-07-0305 Full Paper PRESENTATION
Supriya Chakrabarti, Charles Barbon, Eric Carey, Alex Casperson, Timothy Cook, Susanna Finn, Darrien Glasser, Jacob Hulme, Dat Le, William Mann
Results and Future Plans of the Center for Nano Satellite Testing (CeNT) NSS-07-0502 Full Paper PRESENTATION
Hirokazu Masui, Sangkyun Kim, Mengu Cho