CASTRA events, 7th Nano-Satellite Symposium and the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting

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Integration of the Belarusian Space Research potential into International Nano/Pico Satellite Programs
Vladimir Saetchnikov

Last modified: 2017-01-16


A new stage in the development of miniature spacecraft technologies and nano/pico satellites already characterized bytheir active use of remote sensing, environmental monitoring, earthquake prediction, the study of the ionosphere. Just using small and ultra small spacecraft it is economically feasible to perform full - scale testing of innovative technical solutions and intellectual property objects. They are indispensable to promptly solve the wide range of scientific, socio-economic, educational and technological challenges, development of effective satellite constellations or risk - sharing startup. So just this class of spacecrafts, due to significantly lower cost of the space and ground segments, as well as start-up, is the most appropriate for small states and even private firms and individuals.Belarusian State University has recent experience and some project under development in the field of nano and pico satellites including mission control ground station and is seeking opportunities of cooperation in this field.

Key Words: Nano/pico satellites, aerospace education, distributed ground station