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Hardware and Software Modularized Approach for On-board Processing Capabilities of Small Satellites
Shinichi Kimura

Last modified: 2017-01-16


As small satellite applications emerge and the complexity of small satellite missions increases, the importance of on-board processing capability increases. In order to overcome limitations of various types of resources, the mission design tend to become complicated, which creates a requirement for high processing performance. In this study, we propose a modularized approach both for the hardware and software to enhance the recursive utilization of on-board processing capabilities. To improve processing capability, we feature a SH-4 micro-processor as the core-processing unit with a 64MB SDRAM working memory and 64MB program storage. An additional 2GB NAND Flash memory is installed for data recoding capability. We expand the software platform C2A to enhance the recursive utilization of software resources across the hardware platform. In this paper, the basic concept of our modularized approach to the on-board processing system and examples of its application to three different satellites are presented.

Key Words: On-board Computer, Modularized Design, Software Development, Verification System