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Development of the First Kazakhstan Student Nanosatellite Al-Farabi-1
Nursultan Doszhan, Zaure Rakisheva

Last modified: 2017-01-16


In 2013 al-Farabi Kazakh National University started a project to develop a student nanosatellite. The main objective of the project is an educational mission, allowing students and young scientists of KazNU to participate in all stages of the design of small satellites. The main mission of the first student nanosatellite Al-Farabi-1 is the technological mission: testing of communication systems and power supply systems. Nanosatellite Al-Farabi-1 was designed on base of CubeSat2U platform. The estimated composition of the nanosatellite was defined as follows: the power supply system, the system of antenna disclosure, the communication system. Accordingly, power supply systems, the communication system and the system antenna of disclosure had been fulfilled.

Key Words: Student Nanosatellite, Operation Subsystems of Nanosatellite