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EU Industry Week day in Sofia: High Time for Hi-Tech

The cooperation among industry, academia and NGO sectors is identified and deemed as a key prerequisite for hi-tech innovation leading to growth and jobs.

In this workshop, we will cover and discuss:

  • EU funding and the Smart Specialization approach;
  • Cooperation among Actors in the Sphere of Innovation and Technological Development;
  • Role of Clusters;
  • Future EU Agenda on Industrial Modernization.

  • EU Industry Week day in Sofia: High Time for Hi-Tech

    February 20, 2018 – February 20, 2018

    After the successful experience of the first EU Industry Day in 2017, the EC is launching a second 'European Industry Day' on 22-23 February 2018.

    To accompany the event, CASTRA and key Bulgarian institutions are organising a local event hosted by the EC Representation in Sofia. It takes place as part of 'Industry Week' on 20 February 2018 and is also in line with the priority of competitiveness within the Programme of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (January – June 2018). Stakeholders from the hi-tech sector of industry, research and innovation in Bulgaria and the region are invited to register online to participate in the event.

    The cooperation among industry, academia and NGO sectors is identified as a key prerequisite for innovation leading to growth and jobs. In terms of sectors, the event focuses mainly on two of the priority themes within the Smart Specialization Strategy 2014-2020 of Bulgaria, oriented towards the hi-tech industry segments - "ICT" and "Mechatronics and CleanTech".

    The event aims to cover:

    • EU funding and the Smart Specialization;

    • Cooperation among Actors in the Sphere of Innovation and Technological Development;

    • Role of Clusters and Tech Parks;

    • Launch of the national debate on the future EU Agenda on Industrial Modernization;

    • Project ideas, cooperation and networking opportunities

7th Nano-Satellite Symposium and 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting

In 2016 the first International location for the Nano-Satellite Symposium was selected in Europe, Bulgaria, where it was held together with the 4th meeting of the UNISEC-GLOBAL organisation. Link to papers and talks.

  • 7th Nano-Satellite Symposium and the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting

    October 18, 2016 – October 23, 2016

    The 7th Nanosatellite symposium is organized jointly with UNISEC GLOBAL (

    Recent advancement of micro/nano/pico-satellites' technologies and development process has made these very small satellites more and more important and indispensable tools for space development and utilization.

    Their characteristics of enabling low cost and quick development is realizing innovative and challenging missions, including Earth monitoring, information gathering, deep space explorations, communications, education or even more, for personal use, as well as involvement of more diverse players in satellite projects and applications.

    Actually many small business enterprises are appearing recently resulted from academic small satellite projects. During the last two years, over 200 micro/nano/pico satellites were launched into various orbits using a variety of launch vehicles, and we can predict this trend will get even stronger in the future.

    We sincerely hope that many engineers, researchers, scientists, students, users and business persons from all over the world will participate in the symposium and discuss together to further enlarge and strengthen the micro/nano/pico-satellite community.

    The Nano Satellite-Symposium has been a part of the “ Hodoyoshi Project”*, which is granted by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) in the “Funding Program for World-Leading Innova ve R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST Program),” initiated by the Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP) of Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. (JSPS Official .The first six Nano Satellite-Symposium were held in Japan. First one in 2010 in Tokyo, second one in 2011 in Tokyo, third one in 2011 in Kitakyushu, forth one in 2012 in Nagoya, fifth one in 2013 in Tokyo and the 6th one in 2015 in conjunction with 30th ISTS in Kobe. Please visit for all details of the first six symposium. The Nano Satellite-Symposium every odd year will be held outside Japan, first one being originally scheduled in Istanbul, Turkey and now relocated to Varna, Bulgaria.
    *The Project: The establishment of new paradigm of space development and utilization with Nano-satellites introducing Japanese-original "reasonably reliable systems engineering (Core Researcher: Professor Shinichi Nakasuka, the University of Tokyo).